The aim of basics is to take a closer look at some fundamental aspects of my artistic
practice. The categorizing of work into projects, cooperation, and the connections of
projects, people and operations that make up a greater pattern of networking.
"oslo underground " 2009 - digital drawing/c-print, presented in the first issue of the new norwegian art magazine spesial nord, and exhibited at torpedo bookstore, oslo 2009.
"basics outlined screenshot" 2008 - digital drawing/c-print, exhibited at Live Herring new media art, jÿvaskÿla, finland 2008.

" all equal " 2006 - a Lego sculpture of five interconnected labyrinths
representing basics, atotal, schugacube, 3rdperson and the institute.

the institute of vincent lunge

" the idea of reinvention " 2006 - performance based on my work with the
projects ny idealistisk front / new idealistic front / xfront (1994 -1998).
take a look at these projects/exhibitions (below).


: “where are we now?” gallery uks oslo 1994, “library” gallery otto plonk bergen 1995, “010596” gallery herslebsgate 10 oslo 1996,
“struts shop” gallery struts oslo 1996, “trivial groove” gallery f15 moss 1996, “firestarter” herslebsgate 10b künstlerhaus bethanien
berlin 1997, “inside the green car” the royal danish academy of fine arts copenhagen 1997, “xfront” pineapple publishing oslo 1998.